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aluminium silicate powder


The super-fine aluminum silicate characters in small particle, fine suspension, and white appearance.

It appears stable in chemistry, both in acid and alkali medium. Besides, it has several hydroxyls so it is easy to be wetted and dispersed.


It could be widely used in printing ink, plastic, rubber, leather, printing and dyeing, and paper-making industry, etc..

If it is mixed into latex or solvent ,15-25% Titanium dioxide could be saved. Therefore, it greatly reduces the cost of paint-manufacturing, improves the stability and whiteness of lacquer, etc..

Storage and transport:

(1) The product is innoxious, no smell, snow-white and not dangerous. (2) The product should be guarded against rain and damp, and can be stored for a long time.

Update Time:2015-1-6 16:49:27
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